iPhone RPG item shop UI

This is a mock UI for a fantasy RPG style game on the iPhone 5. My goal for this exercise was to give a convenient way for the player to buy large quantities of supplies with various item choices using the touch controls. The solution I came up with was to touch on the left red squares to make a slider pop out and then drag it left and right to increase the quantity. The player can also easily scroll through the item list by dragging up and down, and the slider on the right shows the list position. After…


I created a science fiction user interface for an ARPG style game. My focus for this one was applying the detailing and shading that I experimented with while recreating the Starcraft 2 and League of Legends UI.

UI exercise

I’ve done an experiment to analyze AAA UIs and how they were made by recreating them from scratch in Photoshop. Most of the techniques used were shapes and layer effects, then a bit of painting and texturing over top. I don’t know for sure if the original user interfaces were built the same way, but this was quite a rewarding exercise anyways as it has pushed me to think of UI a bit differently and the challenge really unlocked some new abilities for me.

Rocket Defense

I added a page for a game called Rocket Defense in the portfolio section. The page highlights many UI concepts, 2D vector art with animations and descriptions of my goals and process for the concepts. The game was slated for release on the iPad in a collaboration with Dark Acre. As a first time developing for iPad, it was an interesting experience working with such different controls and designing a UI that fits it best. Please check out the page and have a look!

Resident Evil

Lately I had the pleasure to work at Slant Six Games on Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City in a Design Support position. It was my fist venture in a AAA environment so it was quite an interesting and exciting experience for me. In my role, I worked closely with the lead designers and scripters to create level content for the game. My work included pickup placement and balancing in multiplayer, cover volume placement, intel collectable placement in campaign levels, scripting in multiplayer, and testing and giving feedback to the scripters and designers. One challenge was to balance multiplayer levels to…

Making of Tris

Tris is a forever-runner flash game created in collaboration with Nick Yonge. In Tris you control a shape changing “Tri” that can be pulled to become fast and streamlined or squished to expand like a parachute and slow down. You have to use this ability to survive and gain more points as you’re flying though a randomly generated world. My largest contribution to the project was creating the random block generator that can range from being difficult to easy while keeping a constant path for the player. My process was first creating a static one to see how complicated it…

Mystic Ravine

Since graduation, I wanted to explore deeper into UDK, so I created Mystic Ravine, a new UDK level that is my own take on Myst style adventure games. My goal was to learn more about UDK’s other features such as Cascade, Post Process Chains and Material editing. The level features two puzzles and changes from night to day when you venture through a cave.


I graduated with honours few days ago and now it’s time to switch from a student to an actual game designer. We had a graduation award ceremony and my game design document, Time Switch, received an award for Best Game Design Document. Some other highlights are, Unseen Island being nominated for Best Level and a cut scene concept of mine getting nominated for Best Machinima.