Creating an endless runner with a spin.

Ramatron is a game that I’ve been developing solo for a few years. Use the scroll-wheel of your mouse to rotate an endless chain of semi-random platforms to form a bridge, and then charge through obstacles on the platforms by holding the right mouse button. Balance both speed and safety to help a ram survive as long as he can in this neon marathon.

  • UI design & implementation
  • Game design
  • Character art & animation
  • Programming (Blueprint & light C++)
  • Material art
  • Unreal Engine
  • Photoshop
  • Icon8 Lunacy
Team Size
  • 1

As a solo game, I kept it simple, utilizing an art style that looks cool, but isn’t too demanding on the art side to create. I made sprite animations for the character while combining with materials to achieve the glow effect on the character. To match the main menu and with the neon art, the UI was designed as a 3D panel in the world to utilize glow effects with material shaders and 3D animations.

The game is still in development but is getting closer to a release. Please check out my development blog for this game to see even more details about it and how I went about making it!