Creating a classical fantasy logo with a modern touch.

Defiance Games approached me in 2014 to create a logo for their new indie classical RPG game, Archmage Rises. They wanted a logo that gives a feeling of the classical “hardcore” western RPG games but with a modern feel.

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  • Defiance Games

The logo’s sharp font has a fantasy look too it the pointy slab serifs and smooth curves modernize it. I added subtle features like the dragon tail in the “R” and thunder bolt in the “G”, it was a balance to keep things simple and subtle. The most crucial detail is the shattered staff, symbolizing the important consequences of the player’s actions to become a powerful wizard or end up permanently dying. I kept the staff and text all in the same style to unify them both and bring attention to the magical crystal.

I also created a business card design that highlights all the many choices and features that the player can experience.

Before this logo, I created the one below when the direction of the logo goals was a bit different than the new one. However, the logo font used in this one is still used as a main font in Archmage Rises material.