Shimmerfall Springs postmortem

A postmortem of my Skyrim level, where I explore what went right and what went wrong, while thinking of solutions to do better next time. I get into utilizing NPCs to give character to the level, focusing on player choice from different class play styles to emergent choices, how I learned from Bethesda’s levels to improve my quality, and the various ways I achieved my storytelling goals. I then get into some challenges I faced, such as scripting the boss battle, optimization issues, and a frustrating one for the players: leaving the level on a cliffhanger.

Resident Evil

Lately I had the pleasure to work at Slant Six Games on Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City in a Design Support position. It was my fist venture in a AAA environment so it was quite an interesting and exciting experience for me. In my role, I worked closely with the lead designers and scripters to create level content for the game. My work included pickup placement and balancing in multiplayer, cover volume placement, intel collectable placement in campaign levels, scripting in multiplayer, and testing and giving feedback to the scripters and designers. One challenge was to balance multiplayer levels to…

Mystic Ravine

Since graduation, I wanted to explore deeper into UDK, so I created Mystic Ravine, a new UDK level that is my own take on Myst style adventure games. My goal was to learn more about UDK’s other features such as Cascade, Post Process Chains and Material editing. The level features two puzzles and changes from night to day when you venture through a cave.