New brand identity & site

It has been a while since I’ve updated my website, so I am quite exited to finally unveil my new logo and website. I’ve been itching to have my own logo for a while and designing for yourself is a challenging task. This has been something I’ve been slowly building upon overtime and have finally settled with a meaningful design that I’m proud of. With the new logo comes a site that pays homage to some features of my old one, such as the colours, but also brings in some much needed modern features, like supporting different media screens. I…


I graduated with honours few days ago and now it’s time to switch from a student to an actual game designer. We had a graduation award ceremony and my game design document, Time Switch, received an award for Best Game Design Document. Some other highlights are, Unseen Island being nominated for Best Level and a cut scene concept of mine getting nominated for Best Machinima.