Rise is out!

I’m very excited to announce that Rise: Battle Lines is set to release on October 19 on Steam! Rise: Battle Lines has come a long way since the last time I posted about it here with improved gameplay, environment, UI and more great music and SFX. Please check out the Steam game page and the game trailer!

Our game may be in early access but it’s ready to go and play and is in a proper late beta state. During early access, we are aiming to add extra features to what we already have and polish/improve things to give an even more rewarding player experience.

You can compare the new Heraldry Screen to the old one to see how the Game UI and the environment changed over time, much more screens are on the Steam page too. I’ve been involved in tweaking and adding to the UI these past few years and worked on scripting many different things, usually relating to the UI and sometimes even SFX or small game features.

Hearaldry Screen for Rise
The new Heraldry Screen with improved UI and environment.