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Unseen Island

Unseen Island is my first single player level that was created with UDK. The level features enemy vehicle and soldier AI, two different puzzles, and a boss battle. In the level, the player crashes their ship and is flung off the cliff. The player has to get back to their ship, which is stuck at the top of the cliff. The player will drive a vehicle and defeat other enemy ships with it. After, the player is tested on foot in the temple. A boss battle awaits the player at the end of the level, which goes though three different phases as the player battles it. I also added changing environments during the battle, such as giant boulders levitating and smashing into each other as the boss gets harder.

My goal for this level was to tell what the player has to do next without the use of cut scenes. To achieve this I set up the level so that the layout, props and SFX tell the player something is happening. For example, when the player presses a button to lower a wall, there is a window right in front of the player showing that the wall outside lowered.

Unseen Island was nominated for Best Level out of our class.


  • Level/Mission Designer
  • AI/Boss Scripter
  • Event Scripter


  • Level Install Coming Soon


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