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TimeSwitch is a side scrolling 2D puzzle-platform game made in flash where the player takes the role of a man that can switch between the present and future to avoid obstacles and enemies. The world is abstract and made out of vector shapes where everything is a silhouette, including the main character. The present is an advanced factory world, while the future is in-ruin and overgrown, even though it is the exact same location as in the present world. The player solves puzzles and avoids enemies in the world by using the time switching ability, machinery in the world and platforming around obstacles. The player will have to find out why the future has been destroyed and try to change it. Large actions the player does in the story will change the future world for better or for worse.

TimeSwitch won an awrard for Best Game Design Document in our class.

These pictures show the present and future version of the same spot in the world. The player constantly "switches" between both of these worlds.


  • Mechanic Designer
  • Front End Designer
  • Level Designer
  • Design Documentation



  • Darryl Spratt

Front End

I designed the main menu to be a close up of a street in the game. The player selects different menu items by walking underneath a section with their character using the analog stick or arrow keys. This gives the player a feel of the game before playing.

The other menu screens have a digital look of a TV screen. The goal was to have the menu simple but unique.

Level Design

Creating levels and puzzles that made the player use the switch mechanic in interesting ways was really challenging. It was almost as if I was creating two levels in one because of the present and future dimensions. What worked for me was to think of many small one-time puzzles and combine them with other small puzzles to get new challenges. Every section I established what I wanted to test the player in, such as reaction time or problem solving and then looked into what makes that challenge.

Both worlds had separate gameplay themes going on. In the present world, humans are on high alert looking for you and they will chase you on sight. In the future, things happen more random, like roads collapsing or enemies randomly wandering around, but they don't care your there. I had to make sure to tie in those themes in the levels.

I also was able to play with time theory, such as you moving a block in the present and it being weathered down, or completely gone in the future. The player could also use this to their advantage by creating paths to move forward.